Plant Sale FAQ’s


What qualifies for free delivery?

Pre-orders $80+ are eligible for free delivery within 30 miles of host location (Davenport: Northwest Bank & Trust or Macomb: Fortress Bank). If your order is less than $80, consider making a donation or adding a gift for someone to your order to reach the minimum.

When will my order be delivered?

Unfortunately, we are not able to schedule delivery days/times. All orders are being delivered throughout the day on Wednesday (May 10) and Thursday (May 11th). Our loading and delivery volunteers will be doing their best to call or text the phone numbers on the orders as they are being loaded for delivery. If nobody is home when they come, they will find an appropriate place to leave your order. If there is somewhere specific you would like your order left, you can leave a note on your door with instructions for them.

Can one order be delivered to different locations?

The entire order has to go to one address. A second order of $80+ would need to be placed to have it delivered to a different address.

What if my order is incorrect?

Send an email to including the flower variety, color, and quantity that you did not receive and/or what item you got instead.

What if I don’t like my order (color, quantity, size, etc)?

We are more than happy to exchange any item from your order for any item available at our retail sale site. You can take the item to the sale site between the hours of 8am and 7pm and any of our staff or volunteers can help you swap it out, or issue you a refund if preferred.


When I come to pick up my pre-order, can I shop for other items?

Because our immediate priority is to fulfill the pre-orders that we received, retail shopping will not be open until Friday, May 12.

Group Pre-Orders

How does group pre-ordering work?

If ordering online, each person can select and pay for their order separately as long as they enter the same group name when prompted. If ordering with the paper form, everyone can put their orders on the same form.

Is a group order a good choice for me?

Group orders are perfect for people who work in the same office/school, live in the same neighborhood, or attend the same club and want to reach the $80 minimum for free delivery. Group orders will be delivered to one location. Again, if ordering as a group, make sure everyone uses the same group name on the order form or at check out.

Corporate Pre-Orders


What do volunteers do?

Volunteers are needed to unload flowers from the semi trucks, sort, and prepare them for delivery or pick-up. Volunteers with larger vehicles and lots of cargo space are needed to deliver flowers. During retail, volunteers are needed to tend to the flowers and provide customer service.

How do I sign up myself, family, or group to volunteer?

Thanks for asking! Click here to sign up!


What days/times is retail open?

Retail is open Friday & Saturday from 8am-7pm, Sunday from 8am-5pm, and Monday 8am-7pm (unless we sell out of flowers before that).

Will your sale still be open if it is raining?

Yes, we rarely close the sale and only in the event of severe weather. We will make every effort to post a notice on our BBBS public Facebook page if this occurs.

Will anybody be available to help me get what I buy to my car?

Absolutely! We have staff & volunteers onsite that will load your order right into your vehicle for you.

Do you carry vegetables, herbs, or perennials?

No, we only carry a variety of annual flowers.

Can I mix varieties/colors when shopping at the retail site?

Yes, you are able to mix and match varieties/colors of flowers. We have empty flats available that can be filled with any of the standard flower types. There are some specialty flowers that are sold individually, which of course are not able to be mixed into the flats.

When do you start to discount items at the sale?

We can’t guarantee when, or if, items will be discounted at the sale. Being a fundraiser for our non-profit organization, our program is reliant on the proceeds from the sale. If items are discounted, we will do our best to post this on our public Facebook page, however, the best way is to drive by the sale and look for any discount signs.

What do you do with the left over flowers after your sale ends? Would you consider donating any to X,Y,Z?

We have some partnering companies that we work with after our sale in order to find homes for any leftover flowers and to re-coup our expense for the flowers, as our sale is a fundraiser for our non-profit organization. We also help to plant some at some of our partnering non-profit agencies. We are happy to take your name, agency name and telephone number and reach out to you if we have any flowers needing homes.